Sometimes we have to walk in circles to move forward. Sometimes we have to see everything around us before we can see what’s right in front of us. And sometimes, God’s inexplicably unconditional love sends us on wild journeys to find our way home.

Tasha Layton has circled the globe, taking in an array of people, faith and cultures, all the while compelled, driven and inspired by a love relentless and unconditional. This love runs wild and courses through each note and lyric on Tasha’s debut EP, aptly titled, Love Running Wild.

The pop-synth driven project is a soundscape of color, emotion and lyrics that are as pensive as they are accessible. In a manner of speaking, the album is an audible reflection of the artist herself.

Deeply transparent, Tasha is the kind of person with whom you might instantly connect as she exudes a humble strength as inviting as her voice. Whether she steps up to a microphone or puts pen to paper to deliver her signature brand of compelling truth and transformative hope, it’s clear that her stories, message and voice are not simply what people want to hear; it’s what we all need to hear…and almost didn’t.

Growing up in a small town in South Carolina, Tasha fell in love with Jesus, music and worship early on, and she frequently sang at church and led worship for her youth group. Her heart was set aflame by the love of her Savior, yet that flame nearly blew out after painful divisions took place in her home church. Deeply wounded from an environment fueling unhealthy relationships, Tasha’s self-worth plummeted and she began to doubt her musical gifts, her calling, and her place in this world. Those fears, doubts and scars followed her to college where deep depression took hold, driving her to the brink of suicide.

She knew something had to change and that she was in need of something or someone, so she changed her major from music to religion where her search began. “While I’d grown up conservatively, I wanted to know about other religions,” she explains. “I went to Buddhist meditation camp. I went to mosque and to synagogue, and I even studied mysticism in Europe for a summer. I wanted to know truth, and I needed to grasp something that was real; something that could help me heal and change.”

Eventually, she found it. Her wild search led her straight back to Jesus, who was no more offended by her questions than He was disappointed with her pain. To the contrary, it seemed as if He had been searching for her. “I realized in all these other religions, you had to strive to pursue God; whereas in Christianity, He is chasing after us,” she shares. “I finally knew that after everything I had experienced, Jesus alone had the power to transform me.”

Over the next year and a half, she forced herself to attend church; to show up until the truth she had discovered in her head could work its way down to her heart. 

”Faith is a decision, and I knew at some point it was going to stick,” Tasha recalls. “After all the hurt I had lived through and was continuing to live with, I needed to experience God’s love. I realized throughout that whole year and a half, the church had been loving me back to God and back to my calling.”

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