Tim Timmons


Tim Timmons is a worship leader, songwriter, and artist from Orange County, CA and recently transplanted to Nashville, TN.  His passion for leading believers about Jesus to become followers of Jesus has inspired him to write such modern worship favorites as Cast My Cares, Starts With Me, Christ In Me, and Never Will.

Having lived with a diagnosis of incurable cancer for the past 12 years, the honesty and personal vulnerability in Tim’s worship leading has given him a platform to point people to Jesus in concerts, churches and conferences across the country.

“What would happen if all of the professed believers in the world actually became followers of Jesus in their everyday lives? What would happen in our communities? I want to ask questions that lead people to respond honestly to God; whether that’s in anger or confusion or gratefulness or surrender."

Tim and his amazing wife Hilary have been married for 16 years and have 4 (count em, 4) amazing kids; Malia, Noah, and twins (Twimmons) Aaron and Anna.


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